Opening your email

As a designer who deals with the public, I try very hard to make sure everyone is happy.  This is not always easy, but it is worth every bit of effort.  Today I opened my email and was so pleasantly greeted with a wonderful email from my client who is happy, happy, happy.  Happy with the contractor that I referred her to use for the construction, (Mid-Island).  Happy with the design and quality of the cabinets, and happy with the time it is taking to do the job!  So I thought it was worth the time to share some positive energy and great photos!




Another photo of the kitchen facing the cabinets, fridge and the cut-out. The glass looks wonderful! we are really delighted with the style we decided on. I'm dying to see the final product with the backsplash and countertops. We are very impressed with the quality of the cabinets and are delighted at how quickly things are moving forward. "


where do i start?

Over the last few months I have had people ask me; where do I start when I want to redo my kitchen?   I have all of this information in my head from experience but have been trying to organize some key points.  I have pulled this from various articles and magazines.  I hope it helps.

Size (Square Footage). “Every inch of space is important, especially in a small kitchen,” Pierce emphasizes. The size of your kitchen will dictate the layout (this is important to remember): Is there room for an island? Where can you squeeze in extra storage?

Will you knock out a wall or extend the kitchen by adding on to your home? How much space can you conceivably add to your kitchen layout

Existing Layout. Don’t feel married to your kitchen’s existing footprint. Windows and doors are seldom in the place you want them.  If you must maintain the windows/doors of your kitchen, you may be locked in to your layout—but there are always ways to modify. For instance, you can add a peninsula to an L-shaped kitchen and create a horseshoe layout that offers more counter space and efficiency. Learn about different kitchen layouts.

As you consider kitchen layout, take time to think about what you like/dislike about your current kitchen:

  • How do you move in the space?
  • Does the workflow accommodate your cooking routine?
  • Can you easily move from the range to the sink?
  • How effective is your kitchen when more than one person is cooking?

These are just some of the questions you should be asking yourself as you begin to plan your kitchen remodel…

Lifestyle. How will you use the kitchen? What type of cook are you? How do you entertain?

Decide where to save and where to splurge. Set a realistic budget, figuring between 6 and 10 percent of your home value for a complete kitchen remodel. Brad Burgin, Burgin Construction Inc. in North Tustin, Calif., says his clients that spend about 10 percent of their overall home value realize a return on their investment at resale. 





cabinets. how do i know what I want?

Deciding on your kitchen cabinets is a big decision.  What do I want to feel when I am in my new kitchen?  Is it modern? traditional? transitional? There are many factors that will come into play when you are trying to narrow down your perfect space.  One of the biggest of these is price.  

You MUST have a budget when you are planning any home improvement project.  Instead of running from the dreaded topic, embrace it and work with it.  If you have a good relationship with your designer they will work with that budget to help you get what you want (or at the least, what you want within reason).  

Style, now this is tricky to most people.  You know you like things you see online, in friends homes, hotels you have visited, magazines you thumb through and so on, but when it comes to planning your space and using your hard earned money you might not be able to make up your mind.  That is where we come in.  Designers have the ability to learn your style from so many different ways.  Looking at pictures, going to your home and going shopping with you to see where you naturally go.

The moral of the story, start saving pics of what you like.  It does not have to be a kitchen picture it just has to be what makes you feel goo.  Your designer will learn your style from all tidbits.  Whether or not you are planning a spring project or its a long term goal, start your style board now!





Creating Inspiration for our NEW Space....


I am not sure if it is because my job is to create beautiful spaces for others.... but while designing the showroom I am trying to make it a comfortable place with attention to detail so all of you know how much I care not only about your space, but how you feel when you are in ours.  Stay tuned for pictures of creations and projects that we are working on.